Happy Valley Montessori is currently opened as an Emergency Childcare Center (ECC) serving ten children. Unfortunately, we are completely full and do not foresee any openings through January 2021. We continue to coordinate and support our other families who remain sequestered with their loved ones through a Learning at Home Program. We recognize this lower enrollment may continue for some time. To align with this expectation of a smaller group of children in these coming months, we are looking ahead with a plan that prepares us for the potential outcome of a smaller school, while allowing us to adjust if circumstances change.

To the families of our current student body, we graciously thank you for your support during this time. So far, we have been able to weather this pandemic without having to completely close our doors. The future remains uncertain, but we trust that as a dedicated community, Happy Valley Montessori will persevere through the coming months and years.

If you are looking for immediate care, please call 211 and they will assist you at this time.  Check back here frequently as enrollment may change in the coming months.

For more information in regards to the current guidelines for childcare centers, please visit:

ELD Current Guidelines

Early Learning Division

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Daily Update

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