We are so happy you found us and are excited to share our amazing Montessori Program with you and your child.

Located on what was once the Hubbard family farm five miles outside of Southeast Portland, the original log cabin was converted into a children's house in 2004.  Hosting children from 30 months through Kindergarten, our unique school has a playground with a garden, and a barn that functions as an open space for dance, yoga, and free expression play during the winter months.

Our mission is to build self-confidence, foster a love of learning, and create a community of children for children.   In doing so, students build a solid foundation with our collective guidance for a healthy and happy life.

Our AMI-trained teachers and staff are dedicated to helping each child discover their unique potential – academically, socially and interpersonally.  Together, we have prepared the environment with great attention to detail, order, and loving care to help your child feel safe and secure in her surroundings.

If you are seeking a Montessori school in the Clackamas, Happy Valley, or Milwaukie areas, we invite you to come and visit our classroom soon.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child!


"To Educate the Human Potential... let us give the child a vision of the whole Universe... for all things are a part of the Universe and are connected with each other to form one whole Unity... this is the soul of the awakened child."  ∼ Maria Montessori

Creative Expression

Creative Art Expression is woven throughout all the areas of the classroom. What is typically referr...

Geography & Culture

Our planet, the physical ‘structures’ of our material world , and the human experience of all pe...


Children experience math in their play through the exploration of shapes, patterns, and designs.  T...


The Language area of the classroom is rich in opportunities for exploration and expansion of the chi...


The Sensorial Area is designed to perceive the five body-based senses of touch, hearing, smell, tast...

Practical Life

The Practical Life area is truly the foundation of a successful Montessori classroom.  Through the ...