The founders, Elizabeth and Carl van Warmerdam, retired in June of 2016 to embark on their new full-time careers in travel and grand-parenting, passing the reigns onward to someone who desires to continue the legacy of their little farmhouse school. It was simply too much to imagine the hard work and goodwill of Liz and Carl’s enchanted children’s house being “absorbed” into the urban residential landscape! In keeping with the foundation they have laid out, we continue to adhere to the Montessori Method, while enhancing the facility and the entire program itself.

With an intimate, small student base of 20 children, we have an incredible opportunity to nurture a fantastic child-centered community founded in the philosophy that each child, at her own pace with her own interests, deserves an academic and social foundation rooted in a love of learning. Our high caliber of education cultivates this next generation with the tools needed in order to value and respect themselves, the environment, and the local and global community. In the process of nurturing our students to be competent, creative, lifelong learners who practice compassion, respect, nonviolence and sustainability, we will strengthen families and the neighborhoods we serve here in Happy Valley and beyond.

Our school is committed to providing a safe, carefully planned, stimulating environment which helps children to develop within themselves the fundamental habits, attitudes, skills and ideas which are essential to independent growth, social and environmental care and responsibility, creative thinking and learning. The program is dedicated to education according to the Montessori philosophy. Our teachers (Guides) are educated and certified through the Montessori Institute Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Come find out more about us and what our program has to offer you and your child by taking a tour in the near future.