Creative Art Expression is woven throughout all the areas of the classroom. What is typically referred to as “art” is an expression through the use of various mediums and tools in our environment.  Children of this age group are always expressing themselves through drawing, singing, dancing, and imaginative, dramatic play.  We, as adults, often pursue expression as we try to recreate something we can see. The Art Expression Area of the Casa may well be the main area where a child asks for direct feedback.   The Montessori Method tries to focus on the function and process of creativity.  As a guide, it is important to focus on this as the main purpose and not the result.   Feel free to ask the child something like: “Would you like to tell me something about your picture?”  This is especially important to consider when it comes to the art expression of the older child.  As with other Montessori work, the emphasis is still on the process, allowing the finished work to be merely a by-product. Remember, children are natural artists and to express this innate ability, all they need is opportunities in the environment to express themselves and their vision or experience through various mediums such as pastel crayons, colored pencils, easel painting, collage, water color, musical instruments, and dance interpretation.